Before it all starts!

This first post is more like a «before» post. Before everything starts, now I can only write about my expectations and what is going on in my head, before.

So here i am, in my room thinking about what it is going to be like when I leave my home, my friends and family on a journey towards a new home, new friends and a life in the UK. I don’t really think that much about the fact that I am leaving all this behind and entering a whole new world, right now I am more worried about how I am going to get all the things that I need into my bag! A bag that can only weigh 32 Kilos, first obstacle to defeat.

Ofcourse I can not help but feeling excited about everything, and I think that it is quite understandable!

What do I expect?

well all I can really say I expect is that I get food, a roof over my head. But I hope that I also will have many beautiful, exciting and once a lifetime experiences. I also hope that I will meet people I would not meet if not for the fact that I am attending an international school, and that I will not only get to know many different people and cultures but also be able to share what is important to me with others, and mixing cultures!

That is it for now, I will write again later. Hopefully I will be so busy that it will be first when I have arrived at AC and actually have something to write about!

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