An unrealistic reality

How likely is it that 200 smart and engaged students from more then 72 nationalities should be put on the top of a hill in the middle of nowhere in India?
Well this is happening. On the west side of India, not to far from Bombay, you can find a place like this. They live in an idealistic world. Surrounded by people who are willing to really make an effort and who really want to do something with their life.
This must be a dream reality.
Where else in the world can you possible find something like this? Yes, the other UWC would give you something like it, but where else?
To be honest I do not know…
What will happen when we step out of our MUWCI bobble? What will happen when we enter the real world again?
I assume that it will hit us hard. Give us a real REALITYYY BANG in the head. For this phenomenon with 200 youths in the age of 15-20 years old, who are willing to do so much for them selves and for others is hard to find other places. The care and awareness that people show at this place, the disappearing shallowness of what to wear and how to act because you all live together and see each other in sweaty t-shirts and party clothes, you won’t find it again, not in the same way, with people from the hole world..
I do not at all doubt that it was a good decision to start at MUWCI… I am just wondering about how a “normal” everyday will be after this…

Maybe UWC is what is going to make the everyday after this more exiting, because you just can’t take a «simple» reality with people who do not care after having this experiense?

I do not know. but I’m eager to find out! 😀

Marte, UWC i India

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